Sneak Peek of Pictory

„Pictory“ transforms pictures into an artwork, using deep neural networks and image filtering at the same time. It was developed for both, Android and iOS, and will be available soon.

Pictory offers various stages when editing a photo: At first, you are able to apply a style of a famous artist, e.g., the style of „Starry Night“ by Vincent van Gogh, or „The Scream“ by Edvard Munch. Second, you choose your painting materials: oil, watercolors, or even pen & ink. In a third and fourth step, you may change the mood of the picture through color filters or add a surface such as a rough canvas.

In each step, you are able to modify the selected styles or patterns. Change their opacity, make oil painting look thicker or focus on style details.


  • High-quality neural style transfer with 30+ unique effects
  • Pure on-device processing within a fraction of a second
  • High-fidelity media simulation: watercolor, oil paint and toon
  • Customization of all effects and media at global/local scale
  • Export at full image resolution
  • Built-in print service



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